Rated 2.0

This is one of those silly movies where somebody (Liam Neeson) takes a blow to the head and loses their memory. In this case, it’s established that Neeson’s character is a doctor attending a conference in Berlin with his wife (January Jones). He gets into a car accident, spends a few days in a coma, and returns to his hotel to find out that not only is his memory foggy but his wife doesn’t remember who he is. Adding insult to injury, another man (Aidan Quinn) is pretending to be him. It’s all very silly, and by the time everything wraps up it’s too ridiculous to take seriously. Neeson does his mildly frustrated action hero routine fairly well, and Diane Kruger is a decent enough presence as the taxi driver who saves his life. Jones is a completely boring presence as the confused wife. Wants to be Hitchcock, but is mostly just poppycock.