Just Go With It

Rated 1.0

I used to walk into Adam Sandler movies with a little spring in my step, safe in the knowledge that I was probably in for some good, stupid fun. Man, it’s time to throw the tired Sandler formula away and start anew. Dennis Dugan returns, again, as director for what turns out to be Sandler’s second truly awful comedy in a row (after last year’s terrible Grown Ups, also directed by Dugan). This time out, he plays Danny, a plastic surgeon and real jerk-face who fakes being married to attract girls. After starting a relationship with a hot younger woman (Brooklyn Decker), she demands to meet his wife, and Danny gets his assistant (Jennifer Aniston, playing a nerd) to stand in. They wind up in Hawaii, and things go down predictable and stupid paths. Sandler’s next live-action film is Jack and Jill, directed by Dennis Dugan. The horror never ends. Amazingly, Nicole Kidman—the Nicole Kidman—shows up in a fairly big supporting part.