Issue: February 24, 2011

Hi everybody,

It's Black History Month, and we wanted to do something that wasn't cliche and showed us a side of Reno that many of us had not seen. Combine that with the fact that we have a new staff photographer, Amy Beck, and the results are on the cover. We called it "Barber Shop," and it's a photographic feature telling about a day at Jean's Barber Shop in Reno. Also in this week's issue, Bob Grimm takes a look at the should-win-but-will-lose and the will-win nominees for Sunday's Oscars. Feel free to click the links below for a sample of our newspaper, but don't forget to pick up a newsprint version for exclusive columns and cartoons. And, as always, thanks for reading our newspaper; if not for you, our survival would be a close shave.