The Reaping

Rated 2.0

This one took a long time to finally get a release, and it’s fairly obvious why. Hilary Swank stars as a miracle debunker, a former preacher on a one-woman crusade to show the world that God doesn’t exist, and belief in miracles is for suckers. It’s just another riff on devil worshipping and the Apocalypse featuring truly awful special effects and a mystery that is far too easy to solve. Swank, a two-time Oscar winner for god’s sake, tries to make the most of this mess, but things are going badly for you when your main costar is the idiot from Basic Instinct 2 (David Morrissey). Stephen Rea makes a couple of brief appearances as the priest who knows Swank is in for a whole lot of trouble because God has sent “a sign.” It’s amazing that an actress of Swank’s status winds up in shit like this. This is her second clunker this year after the weak Freedom Writers. New agent time, Hilary. New agent time.