Meet the Robinsons

Rated 1.0

A busy, frantic mess of a movie. Disney has vowed a return to old-school animation, and this CGI crapfest is a good indicator why. A boy genius orphan invents things, gets visited by a mysterious stranger from the future and travels through time to a place that is hard on the eyes. The landscapes are unimaginative, the story is predictable, and the characters are unmemorable. The film feels like it was edited by a 10-year-old with an attention deficit problem, and the soundtrack doesn’t synch up with the dialogue. The characters look like they are dubbed, which becomes very strange when the film features a sequence mocking dubbed kung fu movies. Shown in 3-D at some theaters throughout the country, I happened to see the flat version, so I didn’t even get to wear the cool glasses. One of the worst animated movies of recent memory.