Take Me Home Tonight

Rated 2.0

This one was shot over four years ago and sat on a shelf for a long time. That’s normally the fate of a terrible movie that studios are afraid of, but such is not the case with this retro ’80s romp. It’s merely mediocre. Topher Grace stars as Matt, a college graduate working in Suncoast Video who lies about his profession when he happens upon his high school crush (Teresa Palmer). He and friend Barry (Dan Fogler) steal a car and some cocaine and head out for a night of insane partying. Grace is charming as ever, Palmer is sweet, and Fogler is appropriately insane, but the film feels like little more than a retread in the end. Michael Biehn has a couple of good moments as Matt’s policeman dad, and Michael Ian Black gets a couple of laughs as a douchebag boss.