Drive Angry 3D

Rated 2.0

Nicolas Cage plays a long dead criminal who escapes from hell in order to pursue the murderers of his daughter, who are also the kidnappers of his granddaughter. Cage is behind the wheel of a car, and he’s more than slightly perturbed, thus the title of the film. This has all the makings of a good, crazy Cage movie, but the actor is mysteriously withdrawn and apparently bored throughout this movie. It’s in 3-D, and while director Patrick Lussier uses the medium to good effect in the opening sequences, he seems to lose interest in his own movie as well. So you basically get a bored filmmaker with a bored actor doing overall boring things. William Fichtner is actually very funny as one of hell’s accountants chasing after Cage. Also on the plus side, you do get Amber Heard in 3-D, and I just can’t hate a movie that features Amber Heard in 3-D. In fact, edit everybody else out of this film, just put Amber Heard on the screen in 3-D, call the film “Hey Everybody, It’s Amber Heard In 3-D!” and grosses will go through the roof.