Smoke screens

University of Nevada, Reno president Marc Johnson sent out an email last week clarifying proposed plans for Wolf Pack Meats and the neighboring planned unit development (see “On the chopping block,” Oct. 20, and “Saving graze,” Nov. 3).

Johnson writes, “First, there hasn’t been, and there is not now, a proposal to close Wolf Pack Meats.

“Second, with significant funding reductions to public higher education in Nevada, it has been necessary to evaluate programs that are financially supported by the University of Nevada, Reno. A primary consideration is how a particular program connects to the University’s core missions of teaching and research. Because the University no longer does teaching or research in meat science, we must re-evaluate the University’s subsidy to Wolf Pack Meats. …

“The evaluation of operations of Wolf Pack Meats has become entwined with another project at the 1,049 acre Main Station Farm, the proposed rezoning of the 104-acre McCarran Strip into a Planned Unit Development which will help protect the property’s value for the future. While the meat-packing facility is near the north end of this parcel, it is an otherwise unrelated matter. Protection of the McCarran Strip has been anticipated and this PUD proposal is part of its 7- to 20-year planning process.”

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