A green generation

Last Thursday at Wooster High School, the Gifted and Talented Education high school internship program held a seminar to teach their interns about future careers in green technology. Present as speakers were Reid Hamilton, founder of Hamilton Solar; Steve Hirsch of Geothermal Energy Associates; Denis Donovan, president of Sustainable Energy Solutions; Carl Keller, president of Quality Control Systems; Bob Bricca, project manager at Nevada Industry Excellence; and Mark Kornick, manager of operations in the Carson City School District. Each speaker discussed his own journey into the world of sustainable energy before encouraging the audience to follow their footsteps into the new frontier of renewable resources. They stressed the importance of a strong knowledge of sustainable energy, because as the world evolves green technology will become a part of everyone’s lives—regardless of occupation. Ultimately, the focus of the seminar was to introduce the importance of thinking green into the minds of the workforce of tomorrow.

Denis Donovan, president of Sustainable Energy Solutions, said to the students, “I want to see something great from your generation, because it’s you guys that will make the world a better place.”