Issue: November 24, 2011

Hi everybody,

Here in Nevada, state workers toil away long hours only to be the constant target of nasty rhetoric from politicians and the press. The cinematic image of faceless bureaucrats slaving away under florescent lights is so ingrained in the collective consciousness, that we sometimes forget that state employees are real, hard-working people. In this week's feature story, RN&R news editor Dennis Myers examines their plight. In Arts & Culture, Ashley Hennefer checks out the scene at the midnight release parties for this fall's video game blockbusters. And our curmudgeon film reviewer, Bob Grimm, actually almost likes the new Twilight flick. Be sure to pick up a newsprint copy of the paper for exclusive cartoons and columns. And we'd like to offer our sympathies to everyone displaced and disoriented by last week's Caughlin Fire.

Thanks for reading us! If not for you, we'd be getting government checks.

Brad Bynum

RN&R Arts Editor