Sex Drive

Rated 3.0

While this one goes off the rails in its final third, it builds up enough good will before the fall to earn it a mild recommendation. A young lad looking to get laid named Ian (Josh Zuckerman) steals his brother’s car and heads off on a road trip to meet an Internet date. He drags along two friends (Amanda Crew and Clark Duke), and takes a detour into Amish country, where they encounter a sarcastic Amish dude with a penchant for guilt-tripping people (Seth Green, knocking it out of the park). James Marsden is otherworldly funny as Rex, Ian’s crazed older brother. His character more or less disappears when the road trip begins, but he scores laughs every moment he’s on screen. Zuckerman, Crew and Duke are all good in their stereotypical roles. Again, enough laughs to put this one over the top, but the botched ending is unfortunate.