Rated 4.0

Organized religion and some of its many followers take a beating courtesy of Bill Maher in Religulous, a funny and sometimes brutal indictment of all things God-related. Sure to stir up controversy and get Maher banned from a mosque or two, this documentary is a case of a star not letting his celebrity get in the way of his mission. Maher goes at people with a ferocity that takes a lot guts, and the results can be shocking. It’s one of the more daring documentaries I’ve ever seen, where a man sits in rooms with devoutly religious people and basically tells them they are full of shit. Christians, Jews, Muslims, Mormons and Scientologists all face Maher’s wrath, and it’s probably accurate to say he didn’t make many friends on this shoot. The film is funny, and just a little scary, as Maher illustrates just how much religious teachings have been bastardized over the years.