Max Payne

Rated 3.0

All things considered, this really isn’t that bad. Mark Wahlberg stars as the title character in this video game adaptation. It often looks terrific and features some decent performances from Wahlberg and Beau Bridges as a big business owner. Payne is searching for his wife’s murderer, and as he gets closer to the truth, he battles crazy guys hyped up on drugs that make them invincible and cause massive hallucinations. The hallucinations involve winged creatures, lots of fire, and pounding rock soundtracks. This is certainly no classic, but it’s a cut above most video game adaptations, and Wahlberg does cranky well. Credit director John Moore for putting together a good-looking movie. He rips off The Matrix with some of his shootouts, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I give this the slightest of recommendations.