Russian agent in the White House?

Our President, Barack Obama, is an agent of the Kremlin!

The President has pretended he is antagonistic to Russia and its President, Vladimir Putin, but instead has covertly helped Russia and made Putin into an international statesman. Under his clever plan, Russia is revealed to be a modern nation bringing peace to war-torn Syria. Many in the media and Congress are even now unaware what has happened. Too late they will discover how the clever Obama used psychological ju-jitsu to pull the wool over their eyes! A true wolf in sheep’s clothing! Soon we will all be eating borsch and collecting matryoshka dolls! The horror!

Many of those who studied his clever plot still insist he was merely incompetent. But can so much incompetence be attributed to such an intelligent man? Like all Democrats, he is clearly of superior intellect, highly praised for his oratorical skills and even temperament. Democrats love to judge their President and his policies by his intentions, but they should look at the actual results instead. It should now be obvious that his incompetence was actually a cover for a diabolical plot to make America irrelevant in the world.

Obama’s relationship with Russia started out as an attempt to be friendly. But the reset button Hillary Clinton gave the Russians actually said “overcharge” instead of “reset.” What kind of secret code was that?

Then, Barack overthrew Muammar Gaddafi by bombing Libya. Libya at the time was the most prosperous country in North Africa. After his intervention, our ambassador was murdered, and the country became a chaotic “jihadi wonderland.” Hillary Clinton said: “What, at this point, difference does it make?” Well, Russia and China became fast friends, and vowed to stop any more of these senseless U.S. interventions for regime change.

Next, Obama, with the help of vulture capitalist George Soros, overthrew the elected Russia-friendly government of Ukraine in a violent coup, installing pro-U.S., neo-Nazi kleptocrats in its place. Hillary’s Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland was conveniently taped cursing the European Union and blatantly scheming to install a puppet regime when she said, “Yats our guy.” Useful idiot Sen. McCain rushed to Kiev to proclaim “We are all Ukranians now!” Vice President Biden corruptly placed his son on the board of the largest Ukrainian oil company. Ha! Obama appeared surprised when Putin reclaimed the Crimea—more so, when Vlad never did invade east Ukraine. In fact, Putin has tried to broker a peace agreement. How sinister is that?

Libya then became the origin for U.S.-funded secret arms sales to the “moderate rebels” attempting to overthrow Syrian President Basher al-Assad. Our allies in Saudi Arabia and Qatar did their part by arming ISIS. Our President declared a “red line” if Assad used chemical weapons, and when our proxy moderate rebels used chlorine gas killing hundreds in an obvious false flag operation, the American people demanded no U.S. bombing of Syria. Secretary of State Kerry begged for permission to do just a “teeny tiny” bombing run, but Americans saw right through that, filling congressional offices with angry emails demanding no bombs be dropped. This allowed Putin to step in and help Obama save face. Just when it seemed the Jihadis would overthrow Assad, he sent his planes and advisors to save the European-educated secular leader. Putin showed the world Russia can stage a limited intervention and succeed where America failed.

Newly-appointed President Trump now has no choice but to recognize Vladimir Putin as a world leader, who has to be treated with respect. All because of that Russian mole in the White House, Barack Obama!