Remember when?

One of the many ironies that has bloomed here in the Age of Orange is that those of us who used to be casually slandered by Republicans in the ’70s and ’80s as “commie pinko fags” and totally degenerate flagburners and so forth have now seen our position on the political spectrum undergo a most unexpected 180. Now, it’s us CPFs who are—lo and behold—Defenders of The Red White And Blue! I mean … whaaaaaa? That’s exactly what has transpired. It’s us CPFs who are the friggin’ patriots now standing up for American Democracy (of all things!) in the face of relentless pressure placed upon various quasi-sacred institutions by Big Boss Vlad and his raving rabble of Dondonian lickspittles. I mean, Jesus, what would St. Ronnie Raygun say at the spectacle of all these ReTrumplicans in Washington blowing every Russian they can unzip? What about gnarly old John McCain, T-Rex of the Senate? Would he approve of all this salacious Soviet schlong schlurping?

Oh, yes, you betcha I snatched up a copy of A Warning, the latest yummy blast of Trump Porn for us twitching members of the TDSWH club (Trump Derangement Syndrome—Woo Hoo!). After reading the first half of the book, it appears this Trump fellow is a bit of a poopstain. And not much of a reader!

I was watching a flick recently that touched upon that whole thing in the ’60s where we were gonna Love Everybody. Ah, yes, in the Age of Aquarius, we would just go ahead, get it over with, and Love Everybody (OK, maybe not that scruffy dude snorfling around in the dumpster). Well, 50 years later, it’s obvious—we shot too high on that one—way too high. If we had just toned it down a little, to where the plan would have been to Like everybody? Might’ve helped. You know, let’s get real here. Liking Everybody would have been, in retrospect, just fine. Much more do-able. And a real good start! Hell, just tolerating everybody. Nothing wrong with that. Hindsight!

One of the truly great rock American rock bands was Little Feat. Their records from the ’70s, often overlooked, often unremembered, remain extremely terrific. Paul Barrere, the second guitarist in the band, recently passed away at age 71, due to liver cancer. Yes, I’m sure he gave his liver some serious exercise! So in October, he put on his Sailin’ Shoes … and moseyed on outta here. Adios, amigo.