Deep thoughts

I’m not sure what this “Deep State” is that ReTrumplicans keep blathering about. (Is this the secret government run by all them Illuminati dudes? Or the one run by the Lizard People?). But if people like George Kent, Bill Taylor, Alexander Vindman and Marie Yovanovich are part of it, sign me up. Thank god there are still Americans like these folks, who get bullshit memos from Trump Toadies like Bill Barr and Mike Pompeo, read them, and then wad them up for use as coal-starters in the Weber for tonight’s chicken.

One solid takeaway from the first week of hearings—Pedophile Protectionist Jim Jordan isn’t fit to butter Bill Taylor’s toast.

Rachel is, of course, a superstar. Her show on MSNBC is a journalistic treasure, and to do what she does five nights a week with the consistency of excellence we now take for granted should never be taken for granted.

Her new book, Blowout, is just as good as her show and is highly recommended. In it, she tackles the megalithic monster of our age, the oil and gas industry. We are currently awakening from the self-induced coma of the Golden Age of Petroleum, which looked pretty darn nifty for about a century or so.

But now, we’re realizing that we’re literally junkies, utterly strung out on fossil fuels, and that if we don’t get off the stuff, and soon, life on Earth will change in ways that aren’t really all that attractive. (If, for example, humanity kills off the magnificent coral reefs of this miraculous planet, which climatologists are now saying could likely happen by the year 2040, that’s a truly unforgivable fuckup, one that will be worthy of us homo sapiens being spanked, grounded and sent to our room by Mama Nature for a long, long time.) Anyway, Rachel’s book will give you excellent insight and knowledge, dealing with everything from the disaster of the Deepwater Horizon to frickin’ fracking in Oklahoma to Putin’s Russian pestilence, which in the last 20 years has become a virulent cancer that’s spreading its toxic tentacles of greed all over the world. It will help you focus your view on the big picture.

In the Sportlight Spotlight—back in '14, I jumped on the dazzling bandwagon of Dubmania. It's been an ecstatically exciting and memorable ride. And now, suddenly, that good-time bandwagon is ablaze, engulfed in flames on the waterfront of San Francisco. Oops! Obviously, the gods of Oakland (Odin, Osiris and Ophiuchus) are not pleased with the team's move to The City!