Whenever I want solid political commentary that cuts through the fits and the bits and the hits of gaslit bullshit, I often turn to … members of Monty Python! For example, dig this comment from the brilliant John Cleese, who recently noted that Trump is “an extraordinary caricature of an asshole.” Pretty much spot on analysis, John! Second, from the equally brilliant Eric Idle: “He’s stark raving mad. Absolutely mental. He’s a criminal and a con artist and a mob boss.” Democrats, if you’re looking for material for a national billboard campaign, I’m sure Eric would sign off for a reasonable fee.

Republicans recently spent millions on elections in Kentucky and Virginia trying to convince voters that Democrats are godless Socialists—ewww! The S word!—who hate babies, puppies, Thanksgiving and Yo Mama. The result of their completely issue-free messaging? An absolutely delicious defeat of the Trump lickspittle governor in Kentucky and a complete overhaul of the Virginia legislature, which is now as blue as Tahoe.

Hey Republicans, many Americans care about actual stuff, like health care. And most Americans have been paying attention to what Republicans under Moscow Mitch and the Fake President do in this vitally important area. Our inescapable and unbudgeable conclusion? Republicans are to health care what Keith Richards is to teetotalling.

You know all the stonewalling that’s been endlessly perpetrated by Dum Dum and his lackeys? The constant stonewalling of tax returns and testimonies and subpoenas? Doesn’t all this contentious uncooperative crap look exactly as though the entire Trump Administration is basically pleading the Fifth Amendment? On a damn near daily basis? Hey, even the dimmer bulbs out here in Sixpack City are starting to figure out that this neverending stonewalling is tantamount to basically pleading guilty to everything.

Out next Tuesday, Nov. 19, the blockbuster new book from Anonymous, called A Warning comes out. This one is gonna rock the World. Literally. Political junkies in Nepal and Uruguay will read this and say, “Oh, my. This guy is a fucking imbecile.” I understand this revelation isn’t exactly news. But eyewitness confirmation of just how horrifically horrible Dum Dum Don Don truly is will be unnerving to da max. Perhaps even to Republican Senators voting soon in an upcoming trial?