Merry impeachmas

The best hashtags of the last week? Three of them. The first one is #MerryImpeachmas. That’s obviously solid (and thank you, House of Representatives, for a perfectly delightful Christmas gift!) The second is #LeningradLindsey, which is admittedly not as good as #MoscowMitch, but I ain’t picky and it’ll do for now. The third is #IMPOTUS, as in Impeached President of the United States. That one’s more fun than a barrel of Cialis, and, once again, we must give credit to the author, the remarkable George Conway. (And, my, oh my, wouldn’t it just be fascinating as hell to listen in on his latest dinner conversations with Kellyanne? KC: “That was a good one, honey, that IMPOTUS thing. GC: Thanks, babe. KC: You know I’m gonna hear about that one. GC: Yep. I reckon you will, Pass the peas, please.”)

Speaking of immortal quotes of this past year, leave us not forget the classic put forth by Twitler himself, as revealed in the Mueller Report of March. Back in May of 2017, when Rod Rosenstein announced the creation of Mueller's Investigation, Trump responded, "I'm fucked! This is the end of my Presidency." Gee, what memories in his addled, Adderall-soaked mind led to such an instant, earnest and gloomy doomy response? Or was he just gaslighting himself?

If you'd like to feel like a miniscule pawn of digital data points this Holiday Season, watch the Netflix documentary The Great Hack. This is the film about how exactly Cambridge Analytica did its thing in 2016 and pushed both Brexit and Trump to unlikely victories. It’s a terrifically important and fascinating work, focusing on Brittany Kaiser, the whistleblower who eventually was interviewed by Mueller (and the opening of the film has a local connection, as we see Brittany in … Black Rock City! Writing a message on The Temple!)

If you watch this flick, don’t be surprised one bit if, upon its completion, you’re immediately seized with a burning desire to delete your Facebook account. And for god’s sake, America … STOP GETTING YOUR NEWS FROM FACEBOOK AND TWITTER! STOP IT, STOP IT, STOP IT! A recent study from the Pew Research Center shows that 55 percent of American adults “often or sometimes” get their news feeds from social media, mainly Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. Yikes! Support people trained in the high art of journalism! NOW!

"I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!" Howard Beale, from the classic film Network. Merry Impeachmas to all! And a very Nancy New Year!