Letters for April 5, 2012

Truth to tell

Re “The naked truth” (Feature story, March 29):

Caitlin Thomas’s article, “The Naked Truth,” was terrific. The lady is quite a writer in my book. I would love to read more of her work—though I did read a few of her columns in the Sagebrush during the last few years. Her honesty is really impressive. Hopefully, she will pursue a carrier involving writing or even politics!

Ed Jucevic

Nude college girls

Re “The naked truth” (Feature story, March 29):

So … slow news week, eh, RN&R? College girls becoming strippers is nothing new or interesting. It’s pretty much the basis for the whole industry.

B. Anderson
Folsom, Calif.

You’re forked

Re “We’ll see about that” (Editor’s note, March 29):

I’m sorry to hear about your diagnosis with coronary artery disease. I, too, have been struggling with health issues. But, I am learning that I have a lot more control over these things than I used to think. At Christmas, I watched a video called Forks Over Knives and decided to give their recommendations a try for five weeks, at which time, I would be having a new blood test. For me, the results were literally shocking. In those five weeks, I lowered my overall cholesterol from around 280 to 150. I lowered my LDL from 180 to 80. And, now at three months, I have lost around 10 to 15 pounds. Something I’ve been trying to do for years, only this time, the weight loss has been effortless. In the video, you will see far more impressive results with people who were/are having life-threatening heart/artery diseases. I greatly encourage you to watch the video. For myself, the rewards are far greater than the effort being asked. I wish you all the luck in the world on your desire for full health.

Mark Womack

Drug money

Re “Mushroom cloud” (15 Minutes, March 22):

I don’t believe it’s necessarily the government we need to fight, but the big pharmaceutical companies that are lobbying Congress. They want their drugs in because they have monopolized the trade of these drugs. They bottle their drugs up and put a price tag on them. The legalization of mushrooms would only hinder their profits. Mushrooms, when compared to these synthetic drugs, are relatively easy to grow at home and don’t require prescription after prescription. One dose may provide benefits for weeks to months. With money in politics we’ve destroyed the free-market. We need to get money out of politics, and make Congress “for the people, by the people” again.

Jim McDermott
La Crosse, Wis.

Fight for drugs

Re “Mushroom cloud” (15 Minutes, March 22):

I absolutely agree with you. I sell opiates and benzos and amphetamines to so many poor souls who come to the pharmacy I work at. I know there are natural, less addictive alternatives that they could use, if only they were legal. Especially Iboga—the drug that ends addiction to other drugs. Keep up the good fight, brother!

Joel Rosenblum

Bear essentials

The Nevada Department of Wildlife strikes again with their murderous plot to kill all the bears in Nevada: The bear captured yesterday was a male, they were looking for a female with two yearling cubs … they killed this bear anyway. Now, they are backing up their ongoing killing spree by claiming this bear was also guilty of something. What? Nothing more than smelling the bait they placed inside the trap and coming to the dinner invitation, his last meal. Please call the governor’s office. Don’t listen to their lies, but instead tell them how disgusted you are by these mass murders: 684-5670. Be polite but firm.

Kat SmithIncline Village

Cry me a river

Re “Royale with cheese” (Film, March 29):

Foremost, clearly Bob Grimm has no clue whatsoever what he is talking about. Whilst the concept of Hunger Games may be similar in some ways to Battle Royale, it is completely different in the way that it puts on the spot the ignorance of mankind and what people will do to survive. The characters of Peeta and Katniss are developed amazingly. The fact that characters from the capitol are colorful and ridiculous-looking compared to the drabness of District 12 is an amazing way of putting in stark contrast the difference of the districts with the rich capitol. When you see how ridiculous they look, and the positive spin they put on it, and how they genuinely enjoy watching this death match with a total disregard for the lives of the 24 children they’re killing, it makes you hate them and despise them with passion. This is especially felt when you get a taste of the genuine kindness and goodness of Peeta’s character. The shakiness of the camera at all times gives you the sensation that no matter what is happening, even if it’s a calm scene, you’re still in danger. Watching the movie, you can’t help but feel sick at the entire concept. It’s not a movie you watch for fun. It’s a movie that, in itself, continues to amaze. When I saw it, more than half the audience were sobbing. People don’t sob at movies that are shocking and cheap.

Sean Landis
Melbourne, Australia

Hey, Deidre!

Re “The naked truth” (Feature story, March 29):

Caitlin Thomas’ essay was fascinating. Thank her for this and for her work to date. Looking forward to the book.

Deidre Pike

Gassy politics

There goes the price of gas.

My take is it’s the speculators and political zealots who want to deny Obama a second term.

Until we get off our auto-addiction, we will be hostage to those sleazy sinister forces.

What can we do? Summer’s coming. Get a scooter, a bicycle, make one trip instead of 10 for shopping, walk, and pressure our local governments to synchronize our damned stoplights.

Lowering our energy use does not mean a reduced or inferior quality of life. It can often enhance and improve it. And it will certainly extend it.

A BTU saved is a BTU earned.

Craig Bergland

Broke Bob’s heart

Re “Royale with cheese” (Film, March 29):

Dear Bob Grimm: I would like to comment on your judgments about The Hunger Games. I have read the book, and I feel you should not have criticized the way the actors acted because, FYI, Stanley Tucci is supposed to play a self-entered person from the capital who over-analyzes himself 24/7. I’m sorry you think Battle Royale is way better, but what teen wants to see a movie called that? Anyone will agree that everyone loves Twilight because there is a little action and hot men, which The Hunger Games has, so don’t be such a hypocrite.

Oh, and by the way, Jennifer Lawrence was voted overall best style, not “silly wigs, prosthetic teeth and has pounds of makeup that makes them look clownlike.” Maybe people would like you more if instead of purposely looking for flaws in a movie, you write something positive because half the movies you said stunk were actually really good. So, basically, don’t become a Donald Trump and be a hypocrite. Be nicer.

Lexxie Hall, 11

Editor’s note: I’m with you, Lexxie. Bob’s a big meanie, and I loved The Hunger Games. Thanks for the commentary.