Letters for March 15, 2012

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I don’t know how to differentiate between “good” conservatives and “bad” conservatives. Tonight, someone set our OBAMA/BIDEN sign on fire. I know the “bad” conservatives (Republicans) are nuts. For all of you Republicans, would you do such a thing? If not, then you must admit that there is a wing of your party that has gone completely crazy with their bigotry and lack of civility. If you don’t think the vulgar and inappropriate language spewed out by leaders in the Party as well as “entertainers” has an effect, then think again. I tried to catch the perpetrator, but was unable to find him. Now I know it was a good thing I didn’t. I don’t want to hear that this was the work of a single individual and not that of a “communal belief of radical conservatives.” The sign will go back up in the morning with all of its scars. Perhaps I will catch up with the Limbaugh-loving assholes next time! A police report was filed.

Anthony Matulich

Disordered court

Re “Top 10 worst Supreme Court decisions” (Feature story, March 8):

Thank you for exposing the “Supreme Court.” “Court of what, exactly?” is my question. Kudos to author Jake Highton for an extremely enlightening and well-written article that clearly reveals the anti-progressive bias of these ossified legal lizards.

It’s nice that we’re beginning to strip away the robes of judicial malfeasance to reveal the soft white underbelly of corporate corrosion that has turned the Supreme Court into another flabby tentacle in the plutocratic stranglehold that has been foisted on an unknowing public by devious means since 2000. What’s sad is that there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot that we the people can do about it.

As a retired postal carrier and 30-year union member, I have seen first-hand the disastrous results of decisions that place corporate interests above human concerns. The dubious decisions of the Roberts Court seem to promise more of the same, at increasingly greater cost to the general welfare.

Is this really the best we can do? “Progressive” is not a dirty word, Nevada! Millions of progressive Americans are finally and completely fed up with the entrenched special interests of the plutocracy. Where is our damned voice on the “Supreme Court?”

Gary Ross

Different story

Re “Dirty books” (News, March 3):

Andrea Juillerat-Olivera complains of censorship by PayPal. The problem centers around her novel, Demon’s Grace, published in Smashwords. I publish in Smashwords, among five publishers that I use.\ I have had a couple of my stories unpublishe—that is, effectively removed—in Smashwords because of difficulties with PayPal. The problem is really not censorship by PayPal. Smashwords is built around payment processing by PayPal. PayPal depends upon payment processing by major credit cards. The credit card companies are seeing a great deal of backcharging (removal of charges for things purchased), especially with e-book stories involving bestiality, rape and/or incest. Thus, the credit card companies are charging PayPal very high fees for publishers who publish e-books featuring these themes. Apparently, for economic reasons, PayPal is telling publishers such as Smashwords to remove any and all e-book stories with these themes. I have 33 novels and perhaps 150 shorter stories currently published. Most of my stories are science fiction, adventure or erotica. My stories are plot heavy, with several themes. A few of my better selling stories do have incest themes, along with other themes. I am being damaged financially by PayPal’s decision. However, it’s not an attempt at censorship, as such, by PayPal. It’s a business decision, based upon the need to make a profit.

R. Richard

Women vote

I’m a guy, with a daughter and a wife, and I feel passionately about women’s rights and am willing to say so. I encourage every person to contact their GOP leaders and let them know how you feel about women losing their rights if more Republicans are elected in Nevada. Remember, we will be waiting for you when you return to Nevada this spring, so you had better start supporting women’s right to health care or rethink your visit. Nevadan’s Republican voting support is in shambles in this state. Republican state chair Amy Tarkanian is leaving, and it will take years to put together even something that resembles the Democrats’ efforts under Sen. Harry Reid. So expect a war this year at the voting booth.

Franklin Miller

No transfers

Re “The wheels on the bus” (Arts & Culture, March 1):

I get it, you bought an all-day pass and felt it was a waste to use it and lose it. So you gave it to someone who could get more from your random act of kindness. I like the motivation, but I think they’re non-transferable, meaning that you giving your pass to someone else is someone else not giving the city money to keep the buses going. If everyone shared their all-day passes around like mp3s, the city would make even less money for public transportation. It’s probably also illegal. We’re just lucky that Lars Ulrich doesn’t run the buses here, or you’d be in a heap of trouble.

Felix Polanski


Re “True blood” (Editor’s Note, March 8):

Thank you for sharing your personal dietary choices. I also enjoy a diet that is built upon heaping amounts of animal foods with some variety of seasonal plant foods—however, I enjoy everything raw, unpasteurized and uncooked with the occasional exception.

I’m glad to learn of others who are experimenting with animal foods. Please feel welcome to contact me. I’d love to learn more about your diet and health and source for foods.

Cheers and good luck with your probe!

Justin Zabriskie
via email


Re “The wheels on the bus” (Arts & Culture, March 1):

How ironic. My first letter to the Reno Gazette-Journal editor regarding RAPID/CONNECT was exactly two years ago. Since then I have written a half-dozen more—the last winning the Silver Pen award.

I spoke to Reno City Councilmember Dave Aiazzi and e- mailed back and forth. He terms my opinions “asinine.”

You, sir, were suckered. Reno is a potemkin city run by blithering idiots.

John Sparnicht

Yen for Yen Ching

Re “Dated night” (Foodfinds, March 8):

I’m surprised at K.J. Sullivan’s Yen Ching restaurant review. Countless Fulkerson family members and friends have had dinner at Yen Ching restaurant over the years. We’ve had wedding and graduation celebrations and large and small gatherings there. Never has anyone complained about food or service. The servers are kind and always remember us. The egg rolls are divine, and you’ll find the best pot stickers in Reno at Yen Ching. Never have I seen a speck of foreign matter on any dish or utensil, never. Yes, the furnishings are original, but outdated? I’d call them comfortable—like I’m going home to a place of nurture and generosity. I would urge anyone to give Yen Ching a try. You are going to leave happy and full of delicious food.

Mary Lee Fulkerson