Get Him to the Greek

Rated 2.0

Russell Brand’s Aldous Snow, his peculiar rocker character from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, gets his own movie. Jonah Hill also returns, in a different role, as a record exec who must rush Snow from the U.K. to a Los Angeles rock concert. Sorely missing from the festivities is Jason Segel, who starred in and wrote Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Brand proves that he is better taken in small doses, and the same goes for Hill. The movie has a good start, with Brand and Hill getting some laughs, but the film runs out of gas before the duo hits the States. Sean Combs steals the movie as Hill’s boss, a fiercely intense honcho addicted to The Biggest Loser. The movie ignites every time Combs takes to the screen which, unfortunately, isn’t for the majority of the movie. Say this for Brand: He makes for a credible rock star. His musical performances are often impressive, and Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker wrote one of his songs.