Rated 2.0

Will Forte is a talented, funny guy, and I would certainly like to see him make a successful transition from Saturday Night Live to the big screen. After bit and supporting parts in meager cinematic offerings, he gets a chance to headline with this one. While Forte gives it his all, and fellow SNL writer Jorma Taccone makes a valiant effort in his feature directing debut, the normally 90-second sketch ultimately doesn’t prove itself worthy of a big screen treatment. The recurring sketch has been good for a laugh or two on SNL. Most recently, MacGruber, an homage to TV action hero MacGyver, tried to diffuse a bomb while dealing with his unnatural attraction to his grandma, played by Betty White in her SNL hosting debut. As usual, MacGruber became too distracted and blew himself and his nana to bits. It’s stuff worthy of a giggle or two, but not substantial laugh fuel. For the big screen, MacGruber battles the evil Dieter Von Cunth (Val Kilmer) and his hijacked nuclear bomb. The premise gets stretched too thin, and Forte might not want to quit his day job.