Everton Blender


Singer Everton Blender is one of the most respected and influential artists on the modern reggae circuit. He differs from many of his peers in his distaste for the "slackness" (i.e. sexually explicit lyrics) and gun-toting bravado that have dominated the dancehall reggae scene since the late 1980s. Although he happily employs up-to-the-minute digital rhythms in his songs, his lyrics focus on spiritual praise, sweet professions of love and stern political imprecation. He also differs from many of his dancehall peers in his consistent ability to stay on pitch and sing in the right key, an ability that has been on the decline in the reggae world over the past 15 years. This is an excellent album overall; highlights include several nice "combination" tracks with deejays Beenie Man, Anthony B and Tony Rebel, as well as the charming "Lover’s Holiday."