They Might Be Giants

Mink Car

Like the French say: Plus ça change, plus ça reste la même chose. In other words, you can bring in Mike Doughty from Soul Coughing; you can incorporate strange and archaic instruments; you can use “programming” in place of a drummer; but your tuneful whimsy and smart-aleck lyrics will probably remain the same. The funky electronica settings of Mink Car do little to alter the basic They Might Be Giants modus operandi, which is good news for their many whimsical, smart-aleck fans and no news at all to those who find song titles like "I’ve Got a Fang" and "Hovering Sombrero" tiresome. Fans from the Boston area will take special delight in "Wicked Little Critta," a celebration of the regional accent; fans of Soul Coughing will find "Mr. Excitement" to be worth the price of the disc. No recommendation needed—you already know whether you’ll like this one or not.