E pluribus unum

E pluribus unum

Following an election in which the Nevada Latino vote went heavily Democratic, two Republican state lawmakers will sponsor legislation seemingly designed to continue that voting pattern.

Washoe County Sen. Don Gustavson and Clark County Assemblymember Richard McArthur have sent a request to legislative bill drafters asking for measures to require nearly all state business be conducted in English.

Both men have previously sponsored similar bills, but they were met with little enthusiasm on either side of the aisle and were allowed do die.

In 2013 Gustavson sponsored Senate Bill 188, requiring that all “official documents, transactions, proceedings, meetings and publications issued, conducted or regulated by, on behalf of, or representing the State or its political subdivisions must be in English” unless required otherwise by the state or federal constitutions or superseding laws.

The bill was not given a hearing. It was processed along with other measures providing for English as a second language instruction, including one applying to pre-kindergarten through fourth grade.