Another Earth

Rated 3.0

Brit Marling gives an interesting performance as Rhoda, a young woman who drinks, drives, causes a tragedy, and is incarcerated. When she gets out, she seeks redemption in many ways, including a space flight to Earth 2, an absolute copy of our planet that has suddenly appeared on the horizon. She also gets friendly with John (William Mapother), somebody directly associated with the tragedy she caused, without letting him know her crime. This creates all kinds of problems down the road. The science fiction element of Earth 2 is almost secondary to the story of Rhoda and John’s risky friendship, a relationship that’s intriguing to watch for its potential to blow at any second. Mapother is fantastic as a man crippled by tragedy, trying to walk again. It’s a good movie with a few logistical problems. While the sci-fi element makes for some beautiful shots of a second Earth in our sky, I’m not sure it was entirely necessary.