Final Destination 5

Rated 2.0

This movie is populated with some bad acting and dull plot points in between the scenes of gory mayhem. But, I must say, those scenes of gory mayhem are often quite entertaining, making this one of the better entries in the franchise. Is it good? Oh no, it most certainly is not, but the bridge collapse near the film’s beginning and the plane crash at the end are badass! Sure, you have to wade through a bunch of crap to get to the good stuff, but the good stuff is enough fun to almost warrant plunking down the cash to see this in theaters. It’s a 3-D horror movie that actually puts the technology to good use, including a sequence where a lady gets her eye burned out during laser surgery. Yes, this movie is 75 percent suck, but it is 25 percent good, so if you are looking to get grossed out and consider yourself a patient human being, go ahead and indulge.