Issue: December 02, 2021

A note from Jason

There is no sugar-coating it: 2021 has not been easy. America as a whole may have gone through more turmoil than in the previous year, but Butte County had the unrelenting wildfires and extreme drought of our region added to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on public health and the economy, plus the worsening housing crisis, homelessness epidemic and increasingly toxic public discourse in the political arena, often playing out on social media.

But it’s not over: This Year in Review issue is coming out in early December (and is on stands now!), so even though the CN&R’s top 10 local stories—and the dozen-plus What Were They Thinking? tidbits—in this 2021 look-back don’t feature much good news, there is still time for some positive stories. Some more rain, maybe? PG&E settlement checks for Camp Fire survivors? That would certainly take the edge off the year.

Take care,

Jason Cassidy
CN&R editor