Issue: October 07, 2021

Best of Chico 2021

It has been two years since the Chico News & Review last put out the normally annual Best of Chico special issue. As much as it pained us to miss out on celebrating all the good stuff in our town, there have been many more pressing concerns for our community. Our local businesses in particular have been put through the ringer with COVID-19 mandates, increased exposure at essential places of work and varying degrees of closures as the pandemic forced everyone to make sacrifices for the good of public health.

Some businesses didn’t make it, and many of those that did—especially small businesses—are still struggling.

We are not out of the woods; COVID is still making people sick at an alarming rate. But Chico is ready for a comeback. Consider this presentation of awards a palate cleanser, something that gets us ready for when it’s safe to fully come together again, by celebrating all the people and places that collectively make our community, well, a community.

Take care,

Jason Cassidy
CN&R editor