Your Legs Are Too Long

This book of “case studies” to help men, and the women who love them, deal with erectile dysfunction is actually one woman’s story of a bad dating spell involving six different men who had problems in the sack with her. Dr. Hargis goes on at length about why these men were so great at the beginning of the relationship, explaining their fine clothing, tasteful home décor, classy wine-selecting abilities and more. Then she delves into psychoanalyzing them and expounding on their emotional problems, and problems in the penis department, giving insight into her own shallow existence and lack of understanding along the way. About Lawrence, nicknamed L.D. (Limp Dick), Hargis writes, “How could a man of his age who makes a high six-figure income and lives in a gorgeous home in the classiest part of town be living so totally in the dark? I have yet to understand this phenomenon.” The real question is how can a grown woman, a psychologist at that, think that just because a man has money and possessions he’s somehow supposed to automatically be emotionally mature?