The On Position

Described as “the sexual (mis)adventures of a Hollywood journalist,” The On Position is a self indulgent diary of an L.A. party girl. This 29-year-old woman dishes out advice as if she’s been through it all and is now doing the world a great service by sharing her insights. In her shallow world size matters, lovers (male and female) are treated as possessions to be used and thrown away, and alcohol and drugs are everywhere. This could be a charming book were it not for the shoddy writing, tacky encounters and the contradictions throughout the story. Moran writes disdainfully about insecure women who get boob jobs and yet later on we find her at the bar getting gaga about her future fling: “And by future I mean three sets of gigantic breast implants pushing out from under tawdry designer tops…” After a drunken one-night romp with a woman she picked up in a bar, she writes, “Though I knew it was too early to use the term ‘soul mate’ I still felt that there was something that fused my heart to her on that very first night we met. Something cosmic and unexplainable.” Deep.