Your college Survival Guide

What’s the worst that can happen?

This is one question you might just learn the answer to during your time in college. Sure, there are plenty of fun, positive things that go on in life, but you could be like us and get the roommate from hell, or secure only one course unit your first semester, or get your truck towed, or take 14 years to earn your degree (All of this and more has happened to our editors.)

Under the premise that forewarned is forearmed, we bring to you a grouping of stories decided to help and inform.

There’s a piece on the budget-driven nightmare that is Chico State University registration, along with features on Butte College—very much in transition this year—and the nature of valedictorians. Also, we have a look at a Senate bill that had an unintentional side effect making it a crime for Chico State employees to work on state contracts.

Enjoy, and try not to make the same mistakes we did.

Registration hell
How to get the classes you need even if they’re ‘full’

‘Stop that research! You’re under arrest!’
Bill to stop conflicts of interest has unintended consequences at Chico State

Riding the storm out
New president Diana Van Der Ploeg takes over at Butte College

The problem with valedictorians
Here’s to the ‘humbilitorians,' for whom the educational process does not come easily