You just don’t get it

An open letter to the Democratic Party

Mr. Blau describes himself as a “disgusted Democrat.” He lives in Chico.

Editor’s note: Mr. Blau, a registered Democrat, wrote the following in response to a fundraising appeal from the Democratic Party.

If someone in the party calls me and can discuss these issues in person, I will send the check. Otherwise take me off your mailing list. I am using the money to buy guns and emergency food.

• Close Gitmo. It was opened by fiat—close it by fiat. Gitmo is the perfect terrorist recruiting tool. Those who are left could live on Rodeo Drive in Hollywood for less money anyway.

• Negotiate with the Taliban and get the hell out of that loser war. You can’t win. No preconditions. As long as people are talking they are not fighting.

• Make home loans renegotiable in bankruptcy court. Sure, the Dems are bought by the mortgage business. But force it through.

• Get rid of the Ayn Randers at the Fed. Ask each employee what he or she thinks of Ayn Rand and Maynard Keynes—and if you get the wrong answer fire them on the spot. Ayn Rand got us into this—we need regulation.

• Force through health-care reform. It doesn’t matter what it takes—what people don’t want is the pile of crap that you have now after schmoozing the special interests. The country wants a good plan—like the one that works in Costa Rica.

• The Repubs are out to destroy the whole system. There is no point in negotiation; they will ruin us all. Catch a clue here.

• Have negotiated prices on drugs so we don’t have to buy them in Canada. Duh.

• Green energy and products are the future, and if we don’t proactively do this the Chinese will, and they will bury us. If Obama had listened to his own speeches he would be all over this.

• You will leave Iraq and it will collapse. Don’t kid yourselves. Just get the hell out. It was a piss-poor plan from a piss-poor idea made by a moron president.

• We don’t need invasive security at the airports; we just need the FBI to do its damned job. Nobody gets on a plane without credit, baggage, and identification, and they can’t pay cash for a one-way ticket. Duh.

The Dems are like herding kittens. Come on, people, is this the way you behave when you are about to be snuffed out? You have to hang together.