Yes We Can!

Paula Munier

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“We are the change that we seek,” Barack Obama says. Inspired by that message but not sure what to do about it? Alt-journalist/author Paula Munier has the answer. Actually, answers—a year’s worth, in fact. In her new book, Yes We Can!—subtitled 365 Ways to Make America a Better Place—she suggests small yet meaningful things each of us can do to make an impact. No. 1: Help a laid-off worker find a new job. No. 11: Be a mentor. No. 151: Buy a child a book. No. 241: Feed wildlife in the winter. No. 361: Drive an elderly person to the polls. Revolutionary? Not particularly, but Munier has consolidated some great ideas in a convenient list, augmented with motivating quotes and impetus-for-action factoids. Her choice of 365 is a bit unfortunate, because it implies making a change a day and a calendrical order that’s not feasible. But even if, over the course of 2009, you take on just one challenge a week—or one from each chapter (18), or each section (seven)—you’ll better our community, country and world.