X-Ray Press


With UVB-76 Seattle’s X-Ray Press have created an experimental piece of music that is both artistically beautiful and chaotic. Separated into two halves (“I” and “II”) and five sub-sections (“A” through “E”), the album opens with “I.A.i. Everybody, This Is Everyone (And No One Cares)” featuring Paurl Walsh striking a single chord eight times before adding the vocal lines: “Everyone is right/ everyone is wrong/ if everyone can see/ everyone’s a bit too much like me.” As Walsh continues, the drums build to a crescendo while Walsh and second guitarist Mike Sparks provide a slick call-and-response between their two instruments. Next, “I.A.ii. Bad Beard (God Under Oath)” comes at you like a baseball pitcher with an unusual motion. There is a lot going on to distract the hitter, and the song accomplishes much in less than three minutes, shifting gears sporadically, stopping quickly and returning right back to full speed to create some chaotic yet still big and stout sounds. Though many influences and styles—from the technical wizardry of Sac math-rockers Hella to the muscular, thick guitars of indie legends Chavez—can be pinpointed, UVB-76 is a very original piece that doesn’t linger too long before moving quickly onto new and different styles and sounds.