Random Abiladeze


Roseville MC Random Abiladeze continues to push the boundaries of his craft while remaining true to himself on this fourth solo release, professing his love for hip-hop culture and leading by example. Set in the office of the ubiquitous white record exec, “Walk Into My Office” juxtaposes a lighthearted, Scooby-Doo theme-sounding beat against lyrics about “whitewashing” black music. RA “whitewashes” his own voice as he takes on the exec’s persona: “You had Chuck Berry/ We made Elvis Presley/And don’t expect us to give any credit to Bessie Smith!” This record features flawless production from a fleet of beat-birthers—led by AdamBomb, MedI4, Defizit and Styles 1001—creating what could be called a rhythmical stream-of-consciousness epic poem. As a testament to his moniker, RA tosses the spoken-word piece, “Circus” into the fray: “We sadistically sculpt the tight rope and hope/ the trapeze-walker will fall/ because those below always tend to envy those who rise above.” The album ends with a guest appearance from fellow road warriors, Zuhg and Lanky Jenkins backed by a full band on the on the live blues jam, “Lonely Blues.” Buy online at randomabiladeze.bandcamp.com.