Winning hand for card room

Planning Commission approves use permit for seven tables inside north Chico bar

After having his plans to open a card room in downtown Chico a few years ago dashed due to zoning issues, local businessman Jon Scott finally got the royal flush he’s been holding out (and working hard) for. Last Thursday (July 7), the Chico Planning Commission gave the initial go-ahead for Scott to open a card room inside Quackers Fire Grill and Bar on East Avenue.

The card room, slated to include seven gaming tables, will take over 800 square feet inside the Quackers building. To mitigate issues with nearby McManus Elementary School, the business will construct a screen fence to block its view from the playground. The commission, in its 3-to-2 vote to provide Scott a use permit, also agreed to allow the card room to be open 24 hours, though Scott (pictured) told commissioners that would be a rare occurrence.

The proposal must be approved by the California Gambling Control Commission before getting the full green light.