Wildflowers of Table Mountain Butte County, California

Ah, spring in Chico. Light rains, almond blossoms and—what else? Trips to Table Mountain to see the famed wildflower display, of course. This little field guide, created by Butte College students and a professor, is perfect to stash in your picnic basket. It gives a history of the mountain, maps, advice and information but is best for the botanist in all of us. Every flower on Table Mountain gets a page with a detailed black-and-white drawing (you can color them in!) and description and a paragraph on where and when they can be found and what their significance is. Did you know, for instance, that the seep monkey-flower tastes like shrimp and can make a poultice that can cool burns? Bet not. The book can be purchased for $10-$12 at the Chico State and Butte College bookstores and such Chico businesses as Made in Chico and Mountain Sports.