The Straight Girl’s Guide to Sleeping with Chicks

A different kind of travel guide for the girl seeking a new trip. Written in a saucy and inviting voice, Sincero’s book is for women who might be thinking of dabbling in some girl-on-girl action for the first time, or just furthering their involvement with women with helpful how-tos, vocabulary builders and illustrations. Sincero covers the map with advice on picking up women (where and how), health and safety and accoutrements—nail clippers, apparently, are a must in the straight girl’s starter kit. Plenty of first-hand accounts pepper the chapters, along with quotations from women and men who share experiences, advice and insights. Easily the best parts are the photographs, of Barbie and a girlfriend, that go along with explanations of different positions. And Sincero is there, every step of the way, egging women on. “And if you do it for no other reason,” she says, “do it because it’s hip.”