For those unaware of wacky, noisy Chico sludge trio Teeph, the band’s latest (and final) release, a four-song suite called Widowmaker, is a total monster that is more than worthy of your attention. The record is billed as being more “under control” than Teeph’s previous releases, and its strengths lie in the band’s nimble balance between calm and chaos. However, make no mistake, Widowmaker earns its menacing title. Guitarist Sesar Sanchez and bassist Matt Shilts wield their instruments like weapons of war on the scorching opener “1,000 Deaths,” with the latter sporting a bass tone that might actually cause shortness of breath if played at the proper volume. The heaviness undulates in severity throughout the record, with the third track, “Forgive,” offering a lengthy respite in the form of disquieting soundscapes courtesy of drummer (and engineer) Alex Coffin. Widowmaker is unlikely to appeal to the unadventurous ear. But for those looking for something interesting and challenging to dig into, the music that the recently disbanded trio left behind deserves a listen.