Till the Daylight Comes

Sometimes you want that instant musical satisfaction. It’s not always that easy; a lot of the best records take a serious sit down and devotion to break through. But, there are two tried-and-true genres that can abide to the quick need: pop and good ol’ country. With that in mind, Seattle’s Country Lips have the perfect new album for easy listening. The eight-piece is composed of Pacific Northwest indie rockers who came together to make straightforward old-school country. This isn’t to be confused with pop-country; think the golden era, à la George Jones. Till the Daylight Comes is full of the standard foot-stomping instrumentation—howling fiddle hooks, lickety-split guitar lines, crowd-revving accordion—all sitting on an easy backbeat. Three voices switch off between harmonies singing about the plight of a quintessential country rebel; aka the whisky lover. Even in the midst of all that lyrical catharsis, it’s that kicking kind of music you wanna slosh around to with big groups. There’s even something reminiscent of the Grateful Dead, but mostly, it’s just pure country.