Why not a pot store?

Holcombe calls for medical-marijuana dispensary in Chico

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If Councilman Andy Holcombe (pictured) gets his way, the city of Chico will begin working to make it easier to grow and obtain medical marijuana legally, rather than making it harder to grow the herb illegally.

That was his response at the council meeting Tuesday (April 7) to a request, contained in an e-mail message from Chico native Michelle Cooper, that the city enact a public-nuisance ordinance prohibiting the outdoor cultivation of medical marijuana. Cooper complained that the plants growing in a back yard two houses down from hers were so large she could see them and that they gave off an “intense” smell.

Holcombe suggested it was more complicated than just prohibiting outdoor growing and merited exploration of all the possibilities, including making medpot more available for legitimate users, perhaps in a dispensary. That way it could bring in tax revenues, he said.

Councilman Larry Wahl quipped, “That could make a good marketing tool: ‘Need dope? Come to Chico!’ ”

The council referred the matter to its Internal Affairs Committee.