Who’s playing tonight?

Photographic proof that—on any given weekend—Chico is overflowing with live music

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It was just one random weekend—a Friday and Saturday night in the middle of August—that the Chico News & Review chose to send photographer Michelle Camy out to take photos of as many live-music shows in Chico as possible. When the assignment was placed on the schedule, Aug. 17-18, we didn’t even have the full calendar of what would be happening those nights. But as you’ll see in this photo essay, the weekend was packed with live music—from a range of local jazz, country, metal and indie acts to a legendary Texas swing band (Asleep at the Wheel) and world-class singer/songwriters (troubadour Tom Brosseau and ALO’s Zach Gill). And best of all, nearly every one of the nine shows was well-attended.

We would argue that this was not an anomaly. Most weeks in Chico are filled with a ridiculous amount of live-music options, and we invite you to check in regularly with the Nightlife calendar in this paper and get out and enjoy as much of it as you can so that the scene continues to thrive.

Encore: Michelle Camy is a part of the Crucial Times Collective, a group of seven photographers whose images of live music—in Chico and beyond—have been on display at the Naked Lounge throughout August. Closing reception is tonight (Aug. 30), 8-11 p.m. Live music by Outside Looking In, Iver and DMT.