Campus care

Homing in on higher-ed programs helping students overcome poverty

For a lot of folks, attending and succeeding at college isn’t a breeze. Nor is it cheap. But for students who are homeless, or live on the verge of homelessness, there’s an added layer of stress.

On top of having the typical anxiety surrounding academics—attending classes, studying, passing tests—they face the challenges of finding a safe place to sleep, cleaning up and even getting enough to eat. You know, the basics.

Indeed, attending school while living in a state of poverty is a major hardship. It’s also becoming more common, as students find themselves priced out of housing. Another burden: rising tuition and campus fees, such as the increase Chico State students will see over the next three semesters.

Fortunately, the university and Butte College are home to various programs designed to assist struggling students. In our annual back-to-school issue we’ve featured the ways both campuses—and the invaluable Chico Housing Action Team—are providing a helping hand, along with several resilient students who have achieved success or are well on their way as a result.

We hope their stories inspire you—maybe even enough to donate to the causes that help in-need students find the right resources.

And, of course: Welcome back, students!