Whoops, he did it again

A Paradise man who charges that a botched vasectomy is to blame for his girlfriend’s pregnancy has filed a lawsuit against the doctor who performed the procedure.

In a lawsuit filed on Nov. 1, Paradise resident Gus Alberti asserts that he underwent a vasectomy performed by Paradise physician Randall Reed in 1999. Somehow, in the weeks after the procedure, Alberti learned that the vasectomy was incomplete, according to the lawsuit.

He agreed to a second procedure that would “take care of everything,” according to papers filed by his Sacramento attorney, Greg Meyer.

After the second procedure, reads the lawsuit, tests performed on a sample of Alberti’s semen revealed that there were no live sperm, and Reed told him he was infertile.

But later that year, in November 2000, Alberti found out that his girlfriend had become pregnant after “exclusive sexual relations with him,” according to the lawsuit.

Alberti claims that Reed used a medical technique in which he was untrained, and did not inform his patients of this.

His damages are listed at more than $25,000 and include “great mental, physical and nervous pain and suffering.”

Alberti could not be reached for comment on his case.

Dr. Reed, reached at his Paradise office, said he had no comment on the case.