What a hypocrite

Rep. Doug LaMalfa is running for re-election and sent out a mailer at the expense of taxpayers

Congressman Doug LaMalfa is an obstructionist. Like the other recalcitrant members of the GOP, the second-term representative from Richvale quickly adopted the philosophy of opposing virtually anything proposed by President Obama.

But there’s another descriptor that fits him just as well: hypocrite.

LaMalfa recently sent a mailer to North State constituents about the president’s plan to institute a $10-per-barrel oil tax to pay for “High Speed Rail, Self-Driving Cars research and other parts of the President’s climate agenda.” In the flier, LaMalfa decries the waste of taxpayer dollars on a bullet train when federal and state governments should be focused on “investing in repair and expansion of our highways and roads.” It contains a postcard survey that asks voters whether or not they support the tax.

But maintaining and constructing infrastructure is precisely what the tax would pay for, according to the Washington Post article that LaMalfa quotes in the mailer. LaMalfa forgot to mention that keeping the Highway Trust Fund sustainable is the goal of the president’s proposed tax. He also forgot to mention that, while the tax would be partially passed onto consumers at the pump, they’d save money from driving on upgraded roads. Then there’s the boon to the economy due to the jobs that would be created.

It should be noted that LaMalfa’s running for re-election and he sent off this election-mailer-disguised-as-questionairre at no expense to his campaign. Indeed, the propaganda mailer was prepared, published and mailed at taxpayer expense. What a hypocrite.