Welcome to public service

Congratulations to the winners, whom we’ll be watching closely

It’s been a pretty brutal campaign season, especially in the last few weeks leading up to Election Day. We’ve seen a number of attack ads from both the local conservative and progressive camps, especially in the contest for Chico City Council. The negative campaigning was a disappointing move during an important time in the city’s history.

Right now, at the tail-end of the Great Recession, the last thing the city needs is more division among the members of the City Council. Management is working to put city finances back in the black and the members of the council, including those chosen by the electorate during this week’s midterm elections, need to put aside their ideological differences and work together for the greater good of the community.

During the candidates forums this fall, we heard a lot of hyperbole from both sides. In the end, the conservative slate of candidates—Vice Mayor Mark Sorensen, and newcomers Andrew Coolidge and Reanette Fillmer—connected with the greatest number of voters. Chico is a special place to live and our hope is that the incoming members of the panel are driven by a desire to serve, not political ambition. Now that the campaigning is over, it’s time to find solutions for the real problems plaguing the city. That’s not going to be easy. It’s going to take a willingness to make tough choices and keep an open mind.

We want to congratulate the winners in all of the local races, but we also want to issue a fair warning: The CN&R will be watching what you say, how you vote, and how you represent your constituents—all of them. It’s our job. If we see you favoring the special interests, we will call you on the carpet. Welcome to the world of public service.