Welcome, students

When classes are in session, Chico comes alive

For those of us who call Chico home year-round, this time of year is always a bit of an adjustment (Chico State starts Monday). The roads are suddenly busier and restaurants are bustling with hungry people. But while some may grumble, we see the bright side: Without you, students, Chico would be a dull place indeed.

Whether you’re a freshman or a senior (or somewhere in between), we welcome you to this fair town. We don’t have to encourage you to enjoy yourself—we know you will. That, of course, comes with a caveat: College demands a delicate balancing act between academics (you know, that thing that you’re really here for) and extracurriculars. Learn how to manage your time wisely—too much of either one can be unhealthy.

The Chico State and Butte College campuses offer ample opportunities for getting involved, learning new skills and making friends. Take advantage of them—they won’t be around in such abundance later in life. Join a band. Go to a rally. Volunteer with kids or whatever ignites your passion. Dance till you’re sweaty at a local show. And pull an all-nighter to ace that exam. Do it all, and you’ll never regret a thing.

For those students who come here from bigger cities—or from many of the rural towns that surround us—you should know that Chico State is a special place. Its proximity to downtown distinguishes it from most other college campuses in the state. And it makes you part of Chico in a very integral way.

When classes are in session, downtown comes to life, filled with vibrant young faces. But the campus, too, comes alive and invites the community to join in many of its academic and cultural offerings, from exhibits at the Gateway Science Museum to performances by world-class acts at Laxson Auditorium. Plus, community members often attend student-run productions of plays, art shows and other events. There’s a lot to appreciate from this “town and gown” relationship.

During your time here, whether it be one semester or a lifetime, we hope you take advantage of all that your campus—and your newly adopted city—have to offer. To help you navigate some of those things, the CN&R produces a publication called Goin’ Chico. You can find it on stands around town and, especially, on campus. Now go on and carpe diem!