Weems guilty of murder

Chico man convicted of killing his wife in 2014

After three weeks of testimony and arguments by the prosecution and defense, Chicoan Zir Weems was convicted of first degree murder Friday (March 18) in the 2014 strangling death of his wife, Angelica.

Testimony of family members, expert witnesses and co-workers was often emotional and pointed to a history of abuse and numerous attempts by Angelica to leave her husband. Weems himself took the stand and testified that he had never abused Angelica and that he blacked out for nearly a week after her disappearance.

The members of the jury did not agree. With a choice between first and second degree murder—basically the difference between a premeditated crime and one of passion—they chose the former, which carries a minimum sentence of 25 years to life. Weems faces sentencing April 21.