Assaults on students

Nearly a quarter of Butte County’s sexual assault examinees in 2014 were students

In 2014, nearly a quarter of the people in Butte County who received forensic medical examinations for sexual assault were students, according to an annual report from the Butte County Sexual Assault Response Team (SART).

This year, for the first time, the report breaks down victims’ student status, according to a press release from Enloe Medical Center. Of 68 people who were examined, 16 of them—24 percent—were students at the time of their assault. Five were high school students and 11 were in college. All but two victims were women.

SART is a collaboration between Enloe, Oroville Hospital, Rape Crisis Prevention & Intervention and local law enforcement agencies. The release encourages sexual assault victims to seek medical treatment as soon as possible and notes that participating in the criminal-justice process is optional.